TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weigh-In Week 2

Hey everyone! Sorry, I meant to get this post up last night, but I was kind of waiting for blogger to email me that our site was unblocked (for me, at least) but I guess it's up and running, huh? Go ahead and leave your weight (and points) as a comment here. (Thank you Liesl, got yours!) I hope everyone gets weighed in today.



Carrie said...

695 points

K, let me just say, that I am so excited this week! My weight is only down .6 from last week, but it was higher most of the week, so I was really pleased with the number this morning. Also...this is my highest point week EVER!! I'm kind of sad because I missed some "easy" points and if I had been better over the weekend, I could have been in the running to WIN! Which I didn't think was ever possible. I might just try for it this week!

Martin Ricks Family said...

132. Where is my will power???

Donna said...

142.5 this is great... a little does it... a little at a time... it's all good and I am SO sore from doing my Taebo workout.

Ali said...

okay I am so not going to win the weigh-ins, so I am just going to go for the points...
weight- 122.8
points- 915

kerry said...


I am happy to see the number inching it's way down. I've done great working out, and so-so with my eating. Big thing I want to concentrate on this next week is drinking more water. Not diet soda, but water. I really think this makes a difference! Good job everyone!

Tammie said...

This week has been EXTREMELY frustrating for me! I swear I did really good, exercising and eating, but everytime I got on the scale it told me otherwise. So I'm just a little bit, okay alot, depressed about this week! I know I just had a baby, but man! Can we have a dropped week? You know how in school they would drop your lowest test score?



Tammie said...

I forgot to add in my points for getting this in o time, unfortunately I can add in the points for losing! =(


WHITE said...



This has been a very frustrating week for both of us, we have followed our diet to a T, and worked out hard every day. But the weight just didn't fall off like we wanted. We are trying to stay positive and be happy that we are feeling better, and taking control back, over our eating habits and activities...but sometimes its nice to see a big number on weigh in day to fit the work we put into it!!! Hopefully next week will be a really big number for both of us!
For anyone that watches Biggest Loser week 2 is always a bad week!!! I keep reminding myself of that!

The Ballard Family said...

JC -
266.2 lbs

Mandy -
195.6 lbs
830 points

We both also saw little change this week but honestly, we didn't make great choices throughout the week either! JC's forte is controlling his eating and mine is working out...we both put decent effort this week, we just weren't in it to win it this time! Hopefully this next week will be a better week for everybody!
My goals for this week are to get all my vegetables and avoid eating out at all costs! We are usually pretty good but this last week our kids got sick and looks like they still will be for much of this next week! It's pretty hard to get dinner on the table under those circumstances but I know if I make it a real priority, it will happen!

The Bostock Fam said...



Kasey said...

Back to where I started. But that's good cuz now I'm not up. This next week will be better. My back is feeling a little back so back to the gym I'll be going.


1.Water, H20, liquids gotta do it! I know not drinking enough is a huge part of my problem.
2. Weights-fat arms be gone!
3. Early to bed, okay just by 10pm, unless it's girls night!

Jocey said...


Lonni said...

Lonni- 136.5

This week was a little harder and it sounds like most of you feel the same way I do. My goals are eating more veggies and working out 5 times this week. I do feel healthier though!

Tiffany said...


So this week I didn't do so well I have had nothing but sick kids and running to the doctors and to highschool to get homework a million times for my daughter and racing to work so when it's rush rush It's hard to watch your diet. I did make it to the gym twice but what does that help if I don't watch what I'm eating. So I plan on working harder next week, hopefully everything will slow down.