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Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Round info

I hope everyone has had their fill of summertime snacks and soda, because times are changing! It's time to start the next round of skinny jeans competitions. We are scheduled to start the next round on Thursday, August 13th which is one week from today! (**edited to add: We will go for 8 weeks, ending on Thursday, October 8th.**) If there are enough people interested in the "Great in Eight" program, we will still do both competitions at once. Remember, you will mostly likely lose weight when participating in that portion, but winners are declared based off the point system, not weight loss. We had a few people participating in both, and I'd love to see some comments from you on how you liked doing both to help others decide what will work best for them.

Here is what you need to do:

First~If you are not familiar with the rules, or need to brush up, go to the right panel and under "POST TYPES" click on "rules". Read the rules from Biggest Loser Round 3 and Great in Eight.

Second~Leave a comment or send me an email with the following information:
1. Are you participating?
2. Which Team(s) are you interested in (Team A: Great in Eight and/or Team B: Biggest Loser)?
3. Are you going to put money in the winner's pot?
4. If you are doing Team B: Biggest Loser, are you ok with your weight being posted on the weekly post?

Third~ Tell all your friends and family who may be interested about this great opportunity to kick start their healthy living and weight loss goals!! They can leave a comment here if they are interested or email me.

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, new this round I would like to return to the blog atmosphere we had our first round. If you have a question, comment, or concern that is not of a personal nature, PLEASE post on the blog! Don't email me. Although I welcome emails, be aware that I may respond and tell you to post what you emailed me. :) We are a team, not 2 leaders and a bunch of strangers. I think I speak for others when I say I would feel more connected if I knew the struggles or triumphs everyone else is having. SO participation on the blog is almost mandatory! While I obviously am not going to kick anyone out I think it will be even better than before if we have that communication.

Ok! Everyone get back to me ASAP and lets get this ball rolling! Yay! I'm so exited!!



The Bostock Fam said...

ok so I am carries cousin and super new but I am so excite. but I think we should all have to send a 'before' pic and not our super cute where I tried my hardest to look skinny for professional family pictures pic but a honey will you take a pic of me in bad light pic so we can 'see' the difference! Anyone else game?

Lonni said...


Carrie said...

haha, i just scanned through the pictures and it does look like a lot of us put up "cute" pictures. mine was a VERY last minute family pic though, so mine is what you described. but yes, i think most people would agree, to get maximum "before and after" affect, you should start with not a good picture. just a reminder, you will have to email me your picture to get it on the sidebar, or upload it in a post. so excited your joining, rachel!!

Ali said...

I am very excited about a new round...especially since I am no longer pregnant. Yeah!

So, yes, I would like to do team A and team B this time. I will put money in the pot and yes, I will be okay (I think) with posting my weight.
That's a great idea about the before and after picture. I will try to send you one soon Carrie.
Thanks for all your work on this. I can't wait to get started! :)

Lonni said...

I love the before and after picture idea! I'm up for it! I'll send it in soon.

Tiffany said...

I would like to do only the biggest loser this time. Yes I will put into the pot and I don't mind my weight being posted it actually motivates me more knowing people see my awful weight but then I know they see it go down or up. I like the before and after picture idea.

Jocey said...

Sign me up for B-biggest losers. I will put in the pot.
And showing weight helps me work harder.
I like the idea of before and after pictures, maybe we do one now, and then our after when we have hit a huge goal, or maybe 6 months from now like Christmas. Sometimes we need more than one round, but maybe that will motivate us to do good each round so you can see a difference?

The Bostock Fam said...

ok I want to do both. I will put in both pots and I decided that I will post my weight because Its a super lot and I am totally embarrassed but I also know that I carry A LOT of muscle so I weigh more than I look. so I hope that this will motivate people to not always be so concerned with the 'number'. I can pretty much almost guarantee I wont win because I never really lose and gain to much weight. I do have some to lose don't get me wrong but I judge more by sizes. so yes yes I will mortify myself by posting the most dreaded 3 numbers in my life weekly :) And even if no huge goal is met for your weight once you start losing and you start toning it's so nice to look at your face and SEE the difference. I think.

Donna said...

Okay, I am in again too... for biggest loser that is and will put money in the pot. Rachel! So good to see you... is it too weird that your "old aunt" is doing this? I am putting in my pic from Owens'and Vikki's wedding. I look so fat! Good luck everyone... I am sick and tired of this candy from the cabin and need to give it to someone... any takers??

Donna said...

Oh... forgot to add that it is fine with me if you post my weight... it will make me madder, and that is the only way I can stay focused, if I am thoroughly disgusted.

Tammie said...

I want to participate in both A and B, but I can't get to your email address through the blog will you email me please and then I can get back to you with all the info? My name is tammie Koelle, thanks!

Tammie said...

Hey, I really want to participate in A and B, but my computer won't let me email you through your link, can you email me and then I can get everything to you? My name is tammie Koelle, thanks!

Lunt Family said...

OK, I am going on vacation for three weeks but think that this will be a good motivator to keep me from going to crazy so I am in. Yes, show weight because I agree with Donna that it will make me madder and hopefully keep me more motivated. I will put money in the jar and maybe this time I will do better. I am going to try both A and B and we will see how that works.

The Ballard Family said...

Okay, I'm back for another round with my tail between my legs! I totally gained back what I lost on the last round. But I guess I still have the rounds before that to thank for getting one kids' worth baby weight off so I am back on board!
So, what I'm saying is, yes, I am participating.
My husband, JC, is joining me this time. I am excited but scared at the same time because he can kick my bum when it comes to weight loss. So, everyone prepare yourselves for some fierce competition! :)
I will be doing both teams and putting money in for both. JC will be doing Biggest Loser and putting money in for that one.
We think posting weights sounds just fine.
Also, I have to say, doesn't Ali look fantastic for having JUST had a baby?? (Ali, I know you hate me for drawing extra attention to your picture but it must be said and it's true. Good thing you love me, right?) :)
We will get different pictures of us in to you, Carrie, soon. Because I do remember specifically looking for a semi-cute picture of myself and I guess that's not really the point...I'm totally guilty!
We also have friends who are going to join - - Heidi and Jimmy White! Yay! I recruited! Hopefully we'll hear from them soon.
Enough from me. See you guys at weigh-in. :)

Kasey said...

Can't wait to start!

kerry said...

Okay, I am in, but this time I want to do the biggest loser side. I am okay with posting my weight. I'll send a picture of me right away. I'll also put money in the pot.

Evan and Lindy said...

Evan and I in. Evan is just going to do team B, but I am going to do both. We will put money in this round to add a little extra motivation. And sorry to be the one to spoil this for everyone else - I do not want my weight posted. (I hear booh's and hisses...) I realize the you could probably figure it out based on pounds and percentage lost, but who is really going to take the time to figure it out (besides Carrie, since she LOVES Math, yuck!) but I really don't want it to just be posted out there for all to see. Sorry. And we'll send our picture as soon as we get it loaded.

Carrie said...

ok, i know i'm slow, but i AM participating in this madness. was anyone else as bad as me this week? i feel GROSS today and i think its all the junk and sugar i had yesterday knowing it was my "last day." anyway, i'm going to do both teams and put money in both. see you all at weighins!!