TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Monday, August 31, 2009

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ok carrie move me to the side

Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 2 Results!

Hey everyone! Thanks for weighing in on time! It really makes a difference for me and I appreciate it. A couple of things...first I'd like to thank Jocey for posting results last week. She is way too nice sometimes and is going to do awesome when I need her to take over. Second, I feel the need to give a little peptalk. But the results first...


Awesome job Ali! And can I just say, these are the highest numbers we've EVER had as a group!! Everyone's score (but mine) is high enough to be a winning score. So really...awesome job!


Congrats Rach! Great numbers!

Now that we've been going a couple weeks, you can see I've posted the "overall" weight and percent loss. You can use this to kind of gauge where you are in the competition and WHO your competition is. :) Don't let it discourage you though, use it as motivation.

Ok, I heard a lot of "I didn't try this week" comments. For those of you, c'mon! Try! I was you the last 2 rounds and this round I'm actually trying, and let me tell you, it is way more fun to be on this end. Which leads me to my second point.
I also heard a lot of "I tried so hard with nothing to show for it!" For those of you, don't be so down on yourselves! You did awesome last week, whether it was eating or exercising or both! Be proud of that so that you can continue your momentum to see the results next time around. I do realize that this is a weight loss competition, so the numbers kinda matter, but in the end its how you feel that really matters. So great job all around to those of you who have put your heart into being healthy!!

Phew, my pep talks are usually a lot shorter than that! :) Good luck this week everyone! And thanks again for weighing in on time!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is It REALLY Good For You?

My Husband went to an acupuncturist today and came home with a list of tips to help him get the full benefit for treatment. I think people may be surprised at some of the things listed to keeping a healthy diet and eating what is actually healthy. There are 22 things listed and if people are interested I can post some different ones. One I found interesting was on milk, here's what it says..."Drink only whole milk (vitamin D) that has no horomones (Rbst) or antibiotics. The label will tell you. No lable usually indicates hormones and other chemicals in your milk. Horomones cause growth in the body, premature development in children, breasts and premature menstration in girls, also, tumors, cysts and cancer."
Another interesting one is about butter, "Eat only REAL butter. Never margarine or any artificial spreads like "I can't believe it's not butter." Stay away from man-made foods. If you eat a healthy well-balanced diet, you will actually need to eat some fat."
And last is about sugars. It says, "... If you must eat sweetened foods look for the labels with honey, rice syrup or maple syrup first, then fructose, stevia, cane juice or sucanot last. All other sweeteners can be unhealthy for your spleen and liver. It will zap your energy level, take away from your memory, mental acuity and make you hungrier throughout the day. Avoid COMPLETELY ANY ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS such as nutra sweet, equal, sorbitol, malitol, sucralene, etc. They cause cancer, headacheand numerous other symptoms and harm your nervous system..." These are only 3 things she has listed. There are lots of great things (like a substitute for soda that is actually okay for you, even cola's) on it that are so beneficial for us. Sorry this post was so long, I hope it was educating though!

Weigh-In Week 2

Hey everyone! Sorry, I meant to get this post up last night, but I was kind of waiting for blogger to email me that our site was unblocked (for me, at least) but I guess it's up and running, huh? Go ahead and leave your weight (and points) as a comment here. (Thank you Liesl, got yours!) I hope everyone gets weighed in today.

So this is me weighing in. I didn't see a post for it yet but I forgot last time, so I'm posting now so that I don't forget. I did lose one pound and am now at 159!! I have officially lost all of my baby weight......from my most recent baby that is. =0) Have a great day everyone!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Day

So, today is the first "Free Bad Food Day" that I've ever had that I actually get to PICK what to eat! In the past, I ate something bad everyday, so the free day was just a free 5 points. But I've been really good, so I've had a few days without any bad foods at all, and today is one of them. SO now I'm faced with the decision of what ONE bad food would I pick!?! I'm so excited!!


Nursing and Exercise

I'm nursing my 7 week old and it seems like the days I exercise I don't produce enough milk to meet her needs. Has this happened to any of you? Got any good suggestions? I really want to get in shape and lose weight, but I want to keep up with her needs as well. I'm taking Brewers Yeast to help build the supply, but that's all I have heard to do. ( it's not helping much)

Monday, August 24, 2009


I really hate seeing my name at the bottom of the list as gaining. This is a Biggest Loser contest right? I'll be working really hard this week, so watch out! On the brighter side, weight was lost. Just not by me. Ok, enough already! Really though, what's everyone's secrets? I think that losing weight is hard, but when we can make small changes and support each other we'll succeed. I'll share my secret at the next weigh in just to see if it paid off.

onions anyone?

okay, so my dinner from scratch tonight consisted of crock-pot chicken (nothing too fancy, just some chicken broth and some homemade breadcrumbs sprinkled on top), some steamed Brussels sprouts, and some balsamic onions with dates. I have made these onions a few times before, but not for a long time so I was excited when I found the recipe while skimming through my old recipe book (which has not been opened for awhile). There are so me. Even my husband who is not too fond of onions will eat these.
1 Tbs. butter (I use the 'smart balance light' brand
1 small clove of garlic, crushed
1 large onion, sliced
1/3 cup chopped dates
2-3 Tbs. balsamic vinegar
1 Tbs. honey/agave nectar

On medium/high heat melt butter and add the onions and garlic. Cook for about 5- 10 minutes. Stir in remaining ingredients and cook another 5 minutes or until caramelized. Serves 3-4 (Although I could eat them all myself!)
By the way, is this a weight loss competition we are doing? Cause I am not doing all that well at the weight loss part...
I am exercising and eating healthy, but I think I am just eating too much still (I want to blame it on nursing a newborn 10 times a day, but I am not sure if that is it...I just can't seem to control my portions like I used too, I am hungry all the time. Mothers, have/do any of you have that problem while nursing?
I normally don't have any issue losing weight after having a baby (this is #4 for me) so I don't know if it's cause I am actually trying this time or what, but it's just not happening...HELP!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Week 1 Results

So Carrie is having me learn how to do this her way, and I just wanted you to all know how smart and awesome she is for putting so much thought and work into this group!!!

So here goes....
Awesome first week everyone, this is what it is all about, having to be accountable to all of us.
And the results...
Way to go Mandy, she said Bring It, and she did!!!

And the Results...
Wow we have a lot of good numbers, Awesome job Jimmy. Looks like we all have a little compitition to motivate us.
I totally forgot to weigh in yesterday!!! Sorry. I did lose 2 pounds though so I'm down to 160. Woohoo for biggest loser!!!! Can't wait for the new season to start. Hope everyone is doing well, weight-wise and otherwise. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weigh-in Week 1

Hey guys, its time for our first weigh-in! Is everyone ready?? Too bad. Leave your weight and/or points as a comment here. I will (hopefully) be posting results Friday so if you don't weigh-in by then, we'll have to split your weight loss over 2 weeks and you won't be eligible to win this week (per the rules).

Thanks everyone!

Daily Calendar Round 4

I finished the calendar items for Great in Eight "Daily Calendar" bonus points. For those of you who are new, these are things you can do each day to get 5 bonus points (starting tomorrow). I got most of the ideas from people who were doing it last time, since I had never done it before either. As you start getting comfortable with the point system, please let me know if you think of anything you would like to see on the calendar. It is really easy to change, so don't think that it's set in stone. Here is the link to the calendar:

Once you get to the webpage, you'll have to click the links along to the top to get to the right month. You can probably print it pretty easy, and I will let you know if I DO change anything so you can either print a new one or make a note. Let me know if you have any problems or questions! Have fun earning the bonus points!

Oh, and just in case you don't have the time to go look at it right now, tomorrow's item is "eat dinner together as a family at the table."

One more will always be able to find this post by clicking on the label "daily calendar" on the right sidebar. So if you're always on the computer and/or blog, there isn't a NEED to print it. Of course you could always bookmark it, too I guess...


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Give Me The MONEY!

Hey everyone, we're getting close to our first weigh in. I'd really like to have all the money settled before then. There are SO many of you that I figured this was the easiest way to remind you all. If I asked you to mail me the money, please do so and email me to let me know it is in the mail. (If I didn't give you my address, email me for it.) If I said you could give your money to someone who will give it to me...please do that ASAP!! If you are a person collecting money for me, let me know when you have it all so I can pick it up. Ok, I think I've covered all the basis. Thanks for all your help in this matter. See you all at weigh-in on THURSDAY!!


Nightime Munchies

Hey guys. I have really been struggling with my evening cravings. Do any of you have any healthy snack you eat after dinner (before 9pm!) that curbs your cravings for sweets?? I've been having a cinnamon roll every night mostly because I have no self control but also because my mom made them last week. (Thanks a LOT!!) ...just kidding. I love you, Mom. :) So anyway, any ideas for me?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Body Buggin'

Do you know what a Body Bugg is? Well, if not I'll tell you it's AMAZING! You know those funny looking bands the contestants wear on the Biggest Loser around their arm? Some may think it's an IPod, but infact it's a Body Bugg. They calculate how active you are in a day. How many calories you are burning doing any given activity as well as the steps you're taking and how much sleep you are getting each night. You can even add in the foods you are eating and it will tell you if yo're over or under the amount of calories you are needing to burn to reach your goal weight. I love my Bugg! It's really helping me achieve my weight loss goals and when the time comes maintaining my weight. My goal is 10,ooo a day and to burn 2800 calories a day. I know it sounds like alot, but we are all really burning calories we didn't think to count before. Like cleaning the kitchen, folding the laundry, hussling around getting kids off to school. I used to only count the cals I burned on my treadmill totally not acknowledging all the other active things I was doing in a day. So today I burned 510 calories walking for 50 minutes. But I also cleaned my kitchen, went to the store, brought groceries in, folded towels, climbed up and down my stairs several times...You get the idea. We are all burning a lot more than we think, so if you don't have the time to exercise as much as you want doing normal household activities and running around you're burning that butter, as Denise Austin says. I'll let you know at the end of the day what my total steps and cals burned were. The Body Bugg is super cool!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Ready for this!

well thanks so much to Ali for sending me this info for the program you all have been doing! My name is Tammie Koelle. I just had my 4th baby 6 weeks ago, and I'm ready to feel pretty again, which means I need to lose some poundage! I'm so excited, I really need the motivation and support! This will be great!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jillian Michaels' Secrets to Starting to Slim Down Today Health & Fitness:

Jillian Michaels' Secrets to Starting to Slim Down Today Health & Fitness:

Shared via AddThis

OK, I had to share this with all of you. I am a huge fan of hers. Too bad she can't come to my house every day and kick my bum into shape!

Where's that Motivation?!

I have struggled with weight my entire life, so I am looking for anything that could possibly help me get healthy. I read about this in my mother's (yeah, my mom gets Glamour!) magazine and decided to give it a try. Since we are just starting a new session of Skinny Jeans, or for those trying it for the first time, I thought I would share this article with you.

If you'd like to sign up for Body By Glamour, it's totally free. There are some really interesting recipes that I am looking forward to trying, and I just printed out some great workouts. Plus, you can sign up to get beauty tip emails - I mixed my own nail polish color last week; so much fun!

New to this!

Hi everyone. I'm Lonni Young. I am a mother of 5 super cute kids. My last two are only 15 months apart and I feel like I've been preg forever! I am still wearing my maternity clothes because I keep telling myself I don't need to buy new clothes, I will one day fit into my skinny clothes again! I'm ready to feel normal again. I NEED my body back! I love this blog... it feels very motivating to me. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and being skinny!!!


Ok Ladies Here is so serious incentive. I sell Jeans and I am willing to at the end of this competition give anyone who reaches a goal for themself of fitting in their 'skinny's' any pair of super cute jeans for super cheap. So lets do this. That way we can order our jeans. I know that I am a person who has to have some kind of incentive (not that being in shape isn't enough...but it isn't) whats loosing weight if I can't get some super cute outfit to show it off :)


Hi all! My name is Kasey Turner and I'm new to Skinny Jeans. I have been married 8 1/2 years and have 2 kids. I just finished my Bachelors in Elm education and will be student teaching in the spring. My husband works for U of P and I'm a SAHM. I enjoying reading, going to the lake, camping, GNO's, quading and hanging out with my family. I am a member of another health blog and I know that it does work! My story is much like everyone elses. I'm up and down all the time. I struggle each and everyday, but since my daughter was born 4 1/2 years ago I made it my goal to workout, get fit and eat healthier. For me, life happens and with that my weight goes up. I have never given up on exercise though and I think that has helped me a lot, even when my eating habits were in the toilet. Last summer events in my life pushed me to an all time high. I gained 25 pounds. I was 174, which was what I weighed after I had my daughter. It took me 9 months to gain it, and 5 months to lose it. As of today I have lost 28 pounds. It is my goal to not allow my health to go to the wayside just because I'm sad or mad that things aren't working out the way I want them to. My kids need to see a healthy mom that can keep up with them. It was hard when I was heavy. I still have some pounds to shed and being a part of another Biggest Loser I know I can do it! If we all share our ups and downs, daily tricks, and exercise triumphs each week I know we can all achieve our ultimate health goals!

Weigh-in Day!

Hey everyone! Please comment and leave your starting weight for me! People doing points...there is nothing to do for you today. Next week you can leave your total points as a comment. Thanks!

I got down to 139 sometime last year and am now up to 145.5 (maybe I will start a blog called FAT JEANS and see who can be the biggest gainer! Then we can all eat whatever we want and be really happy friends. Any takers?.... Carrie would dis-own me, nevermind) Okay, so try, try again. I will stop the soda TODAY. Good luck everyone. Just think? Cool weather is just around the corner.....
Ok so I reached my goal of breaking 160 over the summer, but I've creeped back up to 162. So that's my starting weight for this round. Let's hope that it doesn't take me 2 months just to break it again!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I TOTALLY just had a revelation this week!! If everyone is ok with weight being shown, then there is no secrets involved with weigh-in day! How about if you weigh-in or point-in as a comment on a post instead of emailing me?!? I think it would make Thursdays as exciting for you guys as it is for me to see the weights/points trickle in. What do you all think? I can create a new post each Thursday as a reminder and you can all comment on it. Then once they're all in (or once Friday hits) I can post the info formally to declare the winner. I'm so excited about this!


p.s. For those of you who have not yet "subscribed" to the blog, please do so either in your reader (if you use one for blogs) or on the sidebar (which will send new posts to your email.) This will ensure you always know when there are new posts! Thanks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Pictures are starting to filter in. Thanks to those who have sent them! I'm going to start posting them on the sidebar. You can email me your "before" pictures or create a post with your picture and I will copy it and add it to the sidebar. If you want to mortify yourself fully to motivate yourself, put your pic in a post where people can click on it and blow it up. :) Keep spreading the word! We start Thursday and I want everyone involved who would want to be!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Round info

I hope everyone has had their fill of summertime snacks and soda, because times are changing! It's time to start the next round of skinny jeans competitions. We are scheduled to start the next round on Thursday, August 13th which is one week from today! (**edited to add: We will go for 8 weeks, ending on Thursday, October 8th.**) If there are enough people interested in the "Great in Eight" program, we will still do both competitions at once. Remember, you will mostly likely lose weight when participating in that portion, but winners are declared based off the point system, not weight loss. We had a few people participating in both, and I'd love to see some comments from you on how you liked doing both to help others decide what will work best for them.

Here is what you need to do:

First~If you are not familiar with the rules, or need to brush up, go to the right panel and under "POST TYPES" click on "rules". Read the rules from Biggest Loser Round 3 and Great in Eight.

Second~Leave a comment or send me an email with the following information:
1. Are you participating?
2. Which Team(s) are you interested in (Team A: Great in Eight and/or Team B: Biggest Loser)?
3. Are you going to put money in the winner's pot?
4. If you are doing Team B: Biggest Loser, are you ok with your weight being posted on the weekly post?

Third~ Tell all your friends and family who may be interested about this great opportunity to kick start their healthy living and weight loss goals!! They can leave a comment here if they are interested or email me.

Let me know if you have any questions. Also, new this round I would like to return to the blog atmosphere we had our first round. If you have a question, comment, or concern that is not of a personal nature, PLEASE post on the blog! Don't email me. Although I welcome emails, be aware that I may respond and tell you to post what you emailed me. :) We are a team, not 2 leaders and a bunch of strangers. I think I speak for others when I say I would feel more connected if I knew the struggles or triumphs everyone else is having. SO participation on the blog is almost mandatory! While I obviously am not going to kick anyone out I think it will be even better than before if we have that communication.

Ok! Everyone get back to me ASAP and lets get this ball rolling! Yay! I'm so exited!!