TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Season 3 - Final Results

Some of you may be able to predict our final winners, since they did AWESOME the whole time! Here are your final results...

Team A:

Congratulations Ali! You have been such an example to me on how to live and eat healthy. Like I said before, I would love to come spend a day at your house and learn from your example. Great job!

Team B:

Congratulations to Gayla! That is awesome! I am so proud of you and others who worked the whole 8 weeks to make a difference in your lives! Very impressive!

I will contact each of you and others who won weekly by email to settle up on your winnings from the pot. Thank you everyone for a great round and hope to see most of you back for the next one (more info to follow on that). As a group we lost 66.2 lbs and that doesn't include those who only did the point system since I didn't keep track of weight for them. That is a great number and I hope everyone can continue to work toward their goals.


p.s. If any of you have an after picture that shows your progress, we'd love to see it! You can all create posts since you are all authors on the blog. So create a new post, then add your images. A before and after side-by-side would be way fun!

Season 3 - Week 8

I know, I'm a bad bad moderator. I apologize for the delay in results. Were some of you thinking I would never post results and keep all the winnings for myself?? I was. haha, just kidding. Thanks for not sending me nasty emails as I totally deserved them. Ok, without further ado, here are your results for the last week...

Team A:
Great job Ali! Way to finish out the last week. I hope everything goes well with the birth of your new addition and I appreciate your participation in this as it kept the rest of us working hard to compete.

Team B:

Yay Christal! Good job! You probably didn't even know you had a chance of winning that week, did you?