TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weigh-in Week 1

Hey guys, its time for our first weigh-in! Is everyone ready?? Too bad. Leave your weight and/or points as a comment here. I will (hopefully) be posting results Friday so if you don't weigh-in by then, we'll have to split your weight loss over 2 weeks and you won't be eligible to win this week (per the rules).

Thanks everyone!


Jocey said...

I can't even count how many times over the summer I would say, "I'll start Monday," and then never lasted more than two days. And ended up just putting more and more weight on. I apparently really need this group and am so grateful for everyone on it! I am finally motivated, and I hope we can help everyone to get motivated!!!!

WHITE said...



This has been such a huge motivation for us! We are really excited to be apart of it!

Lonni said...

Lonni- 138
Points- 790

I feel so much better! I tried really hard and passed up a ton of junk food this week and I feel great! This is really helping me gain the will power I need to start getting healthy again. Thanks so much everyone!

kerry said...


I am proud of myself for getting out to the gym every day since my kids went back to school. (not Sat/Sun, just school days). 8 days in a row, that is a record for me!! I am not going to be bummed this week for not losing because I know that I am eating good and working out, and it will show eventually!

Donna said...


The Bostock Fam said...

Great Job this week guys. I am bummed that I don't have anything great to say I did. I did drink my gallon of water but I am sick :( so I am sure that this weight won't stay off


Carrie said...

yay! i think working out the last few days made a big difference for me. hopefully i can keep it up this week.

Lonni said...

Carrie, I forgot to add 10 pts for weight loss and 5 pts for emailing on time. Sorry about that!

Lonni- 138

Martin Ricks Family said...

131.4-This is going to be my work out week!! Committed Now!

Kasey said...

So, Aunt Flo came for a visit. Not super happy about that on our first weigh in. I'm up. Annoying, but what can ya do? Next week there will be a loss. A big fatty one!


1. Lots of water
2. 1 soda a day- this is my vise, so it's going to be hard!
3. Add in some weights. I've been nursing a back injury, so we'll see how things go.

Ali said...

okay, the weight loss part is a little more difficult for me than the eating healthy part...but hopefully it gets better! :)

Tammie said...

okay, first i need to give my initial weigh in because the scale i had wasn't reading right and my new said different. so that was 173.
weight today- 169
points- 710 thanks to lonni for remembering the weight loss points because i forgot.

Tiffany said...


The Ballard Family said...

JC -
267.0 lbs

Mandy -
195.8 lbs
910 points

Liesl said...

Liesl 160