TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Season 3 - Week 7

Here are your results for...

Team A:

Great job again to Ali!

Team B:

Good job Gayla! Way to keep up the momentum.

We lost a lot of people this week...what's up with that? I hope I get final weights for everyone Thursday! I'm not sure when/if we'll start back up again. I'll try to get a survey of some kind out this week to get everyone's opinion. Good luck for your last 2 days!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Season 3 - Week 6

Thanks again to everyone for weighing in promptly! It was a really crazy week for me finishing up finals, so I apologize that this is so late! Here are your results for week 6...

Team A:

Yay Jocey! Congratulations!

Team B:

Congratulations Gayla! Very impressive. I see some really high total weight loss numbers for a few of you and I'm really excited to see the final results in a week and a half!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Daily Calendar 5/8-5/16

Ug, I forgot to post this again! I'll try to be good next week, I promise.

I have had a hard time getting all my vegetable servings, so I made that a calendar item this week. If any of you think of something you'd like extra points for, just let me know!

Today, Friday May 8
FREE day! 1 free item from the bad-food list

Saturday, May 9
get an extra 5 points if you workout

Sunday, May 10
FREE day! 1 free item from the bad-food list!

Monday, May 11
eat dinner together as a the table

Tuesday, May 12
Eat three vegetable servings (this is a 5 point bonus in addition to your 15 veggie points)

Wednesday, May 13
write a journal entry or a journal-type blog post

And for next week...
Thursday, May 14
drink 60-64 oz of water (this is a 5 point bonus in addition to the 5 points you already get)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Daily Calendar 5/1-5/7

Oops, sorry I forgot to post this Wednesday. So today is just the free-day and if you don't see this post in time, you can apply that to another day instead. Here are your daily calendar bonus points for the week...

Today, Friday May 1
FREE day! 1 free item from the bad-food list!

Saturday, May 2
spending time as a family without any electronic means of entertainment

Sunday, May 3
don't eat any ice cream

Monday, May 4
make dinner from scratch (no frozen or boxed meals) 5 bonus points for posting the recipe! (and picture if you want. that would be way fun!)

Tuesday, May 5
workout with somebody

Wednesday, May 6
drink 60-64 oz of water (this is a 5 point bonus in addition to the 5 points you already get)

And for next week...
Thursday, May 7
send a letter or card to an older friend or relative that doesn't use email

Season 3 - Week 5

I really don't like posting results without hearing from everyone. I can't complete a project at home, but for some reason I feel incomplete posting these results! Point: if you didn't weigh in yet, you can still email me your weight so I can get it in the spreadsheet even though we've already declared winners. K?

Team A results:

Congratulations again Ali! You are raking in the dough! But I hear that there is some competition rallying, so watch out! But no, really, great job. I admire your lifestyle.

Team B results:

Congratulations again Christy! Great job! And there are more of you this week with better numbers, so keep up the good work. And I hope to hear from the rest of you soon or at least next week.


(Edited to add late weights and points. Thanks everyone!)