TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Monday, August 24, 2009


I really hate seeing my name at the bottom of the list as gaining. This is a Biggest Loser contest right? I'll be working really hard this week, so watch out! On the brighter side, weight was lost. Just not by me. Ok, enough already! Really though, what's everyone's secrets? I think that losing weight is hard, but when we can make small changes and support each other we'll succeed. I'll share my secret at the next weigh in just to see if it paid off.


Carrie said...

i haven't really lost a lot yet, so i don't think i have a secret. i'm curious to see if yours works and what it is! my biggest thing is staying away from soda and i think that makes a big difference for me.

Donna said...

Soda and making cookies... I love to bake cookies but they are my worst enemy. Today I am trying my luck at whole wheat (half whole, half white) bread again to see if I can make a decent loaf... and thus have something healthier to tempt my appetite. We will see.... good luck with your "secret" and if I find a better one I will gladly share!

The Ballard Family said...

Kasey, don't get discouraged! You have been so supportive of others' comments so far in this competition, I really wanted to tell you I noticed that and I'm excited that everyone is in this together! It's so nice to have a support team.
As far as secrets go, I guess this could be different for everyone, but I totally notice a difference if I stop my eating a couple hours before bedtime. For some reason this makes all the difference in the world to me! That and drinking all the water I'm supposed to be getting.
Another big thing, for me at least, is pairing eating well with exercise. Heidi and I talk about this a lot...results will happen with doing one or the other but once you do BOTH is when the incredible results set in. We always joke because she's really good at the diet part and I'm better at the workout part.
Too bad we can't combine efforts?
Good luck, Kasey, I know you will have a better week this week!