TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, August 28, 2009

Week 2 Results!

Hey everyone! Thanks for weighing in on time! It really makes a difference for me and I appreciate it. A couple of things...first I'd like to thank Jocey for posting results last week. She is way too nice sometimes and is going to do awesome when I need her to take over. Second, I feel the need to give a little peptalk. But the results first...


Awesome job Ali! And can I just say, these are the highest numbers we've EVER had as a group!! Everyone's score (but mine) is high enough to be a winning score. So really...awesome job!


Congrats Rach! Great numbers!

Now that we've been going a couple weeks, you can see I've posted the "overall" weight and percent loss. You can use this to kind of gauge where you are in the competition and WHO your competition is. :) Don't let it discourage you though, use it as motivation.

Ok, I heard a lot of "I didn't try this week" comments. For those of you, c'mon! Try! I was you the last 2 rounds and this round I'm actually trying, and let me tell you, it is way more fun to be on this end. Which leads me to my second point.
I also heard a lot of "I tried so hard with nothing to show for it!" For those of you, don't be so down on yourselves! You did awesome last week, whether it was eating or exercising or both! Be proud of that so that you can continue your momentum to see the results next time around. I do realize that this is a weight loss competition, so the numbers kinda matter, but in the end its how you feel that really matters. So great job all around to those of you who have put your heart into being healthy!!

Phew, my pep talks are usually a lot shorter than that! :) Good luck this week everyone! And thanks again for weighing in on time!



kerry said...

I agree!! It is a long process to loose weight and get healthy, and we are all going to have good and bad days. Keep trying, and if you have a bad day, just make sure that you have a good day next. Don't get down on yourself, that is why people just give up. Keep trying!!!

The Bostock Fam said...

It is a long process. My Mom really put it into perspective when she said you know you didn't get this way overnight! And it's not going to go away overnight either. But, one of the MOST IMPORTANT things to remember is that the mind(spirit) controls the body. If you look in the mirror everyday and say I look good. You will start to believe and you will start looking better your body will follow suit. I promise. I know I need to post my pic sorry I am a slacker. But the other thing i just wanted to say is WATER!!! seriously I used to get kidney stones SUPER bad a lot. And then I started drinking mucho water. I told the doc that I was drinking a gallon a day and he said thats good but that honestly in AZ it's not enough. We can do this guys lets get our skinny jeans!

Ali said...

Thanks Carrie for the little pep talk! I needed it. The last few days I have not had much motivation to eat healthy. Well, actually, I eat really healthy, but then I think..."I ate really good today so I should have a treat", but then I over do it and have WAY too much...because I eat "healthy" treats I think I can have alot! (this has happened the last 3 days, which totally adds up).
SO...Thanks Carrie and everyone else for your uplifting comments.
We should totally have a party at the end of this round or something. I feel like I should meet all of you who are helping me to get back into my healthy lifestyle!

Tammie said...

So, Ali, I think you need to share your healthy treats! I really need some of those!

Kasey said...

This is more for me than anyone else, but if it helps...I find that when I"m stuck for a week, I end up having a good loss the next week. Don't be discouraged! I'm trying so hard to just wokr through it though I want to give up and be done. This is going to be a good week for me and for you! I know it! One trick I have found in the past is to WO in the mornings. I get up 30 minutes before my kids and do a WO video or get on my treadmill for 20 minutes. Then i stretch. I have more energy during the day to tackle house cleaning, which does burn major cals as per my Body Bugg, and deal better with kido meltdowns and all the joys of motherhood. Water, water, water! Looking back to the last time I lost wight I was drinking it like crazy. For some reason I just haven't been drinking enough and that is changing! I'm already at 48ounces and it's only 2pm! Wahoo for me! So, let's all get excited and work hard! Our next weigh in is coming up fast! Let's all have a loss before the big holiday!