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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nursing and Exercise

I'm nursing my 7 week old and it seems like the days I exercise I don't produce enough milk to meet her needs. Has this happened to any of you? Got any good suggestions? I really want to get in shape and lose weight, but I want to keep up with her needs as well. I'm taking Brewers Yeast to help build the supply, but that's all I have heard to do. ( it's not helping much)


Tammie said...

I feel your pain! I still produce enough milk even if I exercise, my problem is that I can't actually seem to keep weight off until I stop nursing! I have a 7 week old too, and I lost last week, but I've gotten back up again and I'm so frustrated with it! I try to portion and eat smaller meals and then I feel depleted throughout the day! I could use some pointers too if anyone has them because it is very disheartening when you are eating pretty good and exercising at least once a day and still the weight doesn't drop!

Carrie said...

I had a problem with doing "too much" and being stressed and that dropped my milk supply. You may not want to hear that, but you may have to "take it easy" for a while! You're still in that time frame of establishing your milk supply, so it is really important. I've heard that eating oatmeal helps, not the instant stuff, but the regular plain stuff. Its even better to cook oatmeal in extra water and drink the leftover cooking liquid. (I never went that far.) Make sure you are drinking TONS of water!! Maybe the exercising is dehydrating you because of the humidity and sweating! Fenugreek is the herb that worked for me, but maybe that is in Brewers Yeast.

The last thing I would recommend to all of you nursing moms (there's a lot of new babies in this group!) is to find the closest Le Leche League and go to their next meeting. They may tell you that the baby is more important than your figure right now (which may be true!), but they should also have other really helpful tips. Go to and go through the menus to find the meeting times. They were REALLY helpful for me when I was having issues. I hope some of this info is useful, although, like I said, probably not what you wanted to hear. Good luck and keep us all posted!