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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is It REALLY Good For You?

My Husband went to an acupuncturist today and came home with a list of tips to help him get the full benefit for treatment. I think people may be surprised at some of the things listed to keeping a healthy diet and eating what is actually healthy. There are 22 things listed and if people are interested I can post some different ones. One I found interesting was on milk, here's what it says..."Drink only whole milk (vitamin D) that has no horomones (Rbst) or antibiotics. The label will tell you. No lable usually indicates hormones and other chemicals in your milk. Horomones cause growth in the body, premature development in children, breasts and premature menstration in girls, also, tumors, cysts and cancer."
Another interesting one is about butter, "Eat only REAL butter. Never margarine or any artificial spreads like "I can't believe it's not butter." Stay away from man-made foods. If you eat a healthy well-balanced diet, you will actually need to eat some fat."
And last is about sugars. It says, "... If you must eat sweetened foods look for the labels with honey, rice syrup or maple syrup first, then fructose, stevia, cane juice or sucanot last. All other sweeteners can be unhealthy for your spleen and liver. It will zap your energy level, take away from your memory, mental acuity and make you hungrier throughout the day. Avoid COMPLETELY ANY ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS such as nutra sweet, equal, sorbitol, malitol, sucralene, etc. They cause cancer, headacheand numerous other symptoms and harm your nervous system..." These are only 3 things she has listed. There are lots of great things (like a substitute for soda that is actually okay for you, even cola's) on it that are so beneficial for us. Sorry this post was so long, I hope it was educating though!


The Bostock Fam said...

Awesome! love those fact. I also have on my blog posted last summer I can send anyone who wants it the link but it talks about how DIET soda is way worse for you!

The Ballard Family said...

I love that you posted this. I started taking this kind of approaches to diet a year or so ago and though I still make bad choices sometimes and have quite a ways to go in weight loss, I have had a HUGE change in how I feel due to these kinds of changes. My energy level, my quality of sleep, my mood and my anxiety level have all completely changed.
It's also worth noting, for those of you with kids, I keep my kids following this sort of diet as well and their behavior, moods, sleep habits, etc. since changing their diet is astonishingly different.
There is a lot of marketing out there telling us things like diet soda, milk and others are good for us but that's all it is - marketing.
I can really get on a soap box about this and I'm trying not to but I really just wanted to say that I can definitely testify to these facts!
Thanks Tammie!