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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nightime Munchies

Hey guys. I have really been struggling with my evening cravings. Do any of you have any healthy snack you eat after dinner (before 9pm!) that curbs your cravings for sweets?? I've been having a cinnamon roll every night mostly because I have no self control but also because my mom made them last week. (Thanks a LOT!!) ...just kidding. I love you, Mom. :) So anyway, any ideas for me?


Tammie said...

I'm not all that great at this, but you should try a trail mix with raisins or cranraisins in it. It helps for the sweet tooth and it's good for you too. Just don't get the kind with m&m's, that kind of defeats the purpose!

Kasey said...

You can trade up for Dark M&M's. ;)

Oh man! That's a hard one for I struggle too. Hot Tamales are my night time vise. Sometimes before I know it I've eaten the whole box. That's bad! OtterPops are great 25 cals. Wahoo! I also love 100 cal packs of Kettlecorn popcorn.

Good luck!

Donna said...

I have to have something that satisfies my need for protein and is easy on the stomach (I'm not young, remember) so I eat a bagel with cream cheese and a small glass of choc milk (6 oz) or a piece of toast with a little jam and no butter. That stops my stomach from growling. I can't eat fruit that late unless it is applesauce.

Evan and Lindy said...

I've heard from multiple sources that carbs are bad for you before bedtime, mainly because they interrupt your sleep patterns. So Donna is smart in choosing protein. It will satisfy your cravings (hopefully) and keep you that way until breakfast :)