TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weigh-in Day!

Hey everyone! Please comment and leave your starting weight for me! People doing points...there is nothing to do for you today. Next week you can leave your total points as a comment. Thanks!



Carrie said...

i totally peaked in weight a couple of days ago, so i'm kinda bummed that it was a fluke and i'm down 2 pounds from that. if i started higher, then i could could count that weight as lost weight! oh well. start weight: 126.2. i know it doesn't sound like a lot, but i'm short. :)

Carrie said...

also, when feedburner emails out new posts, it doesn't say WHO wrote the post. so you can either sign your name when you write a post, or people who receive the emails need to click and enter the blog to see who wrote it. thanks everyone. oh, and i made the font bigger so it will be easier to see who the poster is. :)

Kasey said...


1. Drink more water
2. Stick to 3 meals, 2 snacks a day
3. Don't eat past 7pm

The Ballard Family said...

JC -
273.2 lbs

Mandy -
198.4 lbs

Let the games begin!

Mandy's Goals:
Don't be a doofus. aka Make choices consistent with what I know to be best!

The Bostock Fam said...

ok Carrie I have to get my pic in. Good idea that i can't even follow through with. I am only going to do biggest loser this time. So sorry I committed to do both but I just need to focus on one this time.
This is totally mortifying but start weight 174.2! Here we go.

My goals:
1)Drink a gallon of water a day
2)do something active everyday
3)Dont eat after 7pm
4) 1500 calories


Martin Ricks Family said...



Jocey said...

I put on 12 lbs. in the last 2 months and am so grateful to be part of this groupd to keep me motivated. Thanks everyone!
Drink 4 bottles of water
Excersize 5 days a week
No food after 6:00pm on weekdays
Sugar once a week

WHITE said...

302.6 Lbs

195.0 Lbs

Get this weight off that we have been talking about for 3 years!!!

Make better eating choices.

Drink more water!!!

Encourage each other and grow closer together as a couple as we reach our goals.

kerry said...

I'm excited to start. Maybe now my weight will stop going up, and start going down again!! It's time to get serious. My starting weight is 162.8. I was at 157 2 months ago, so I am bummed that I have gained. That's what I get for not trying! I'm hoping to get back to that in this 8 weeks. My goals are to drink 8 glasses of water a day, work out 4-5 days a week, and say "NO" to the peanut M&M's!!!!!!!!

Martin Ricks Family said...

PB M&M's are my weakness too!!!!

jamirclark said...

I'll send a picture a little later today- I know, I'm starting off not on the ball. Not a good sign, hu? Well, like most of you, these past few months I have gained like crazy! I'm at my all-time high, even at the end of pregnancies I've weighed less! I clocked in this morning at a whopping 156.4 lbs. I'm not putting $ in the pot- mainly because I don't have it to contribute right now. Good luck! I'm hoping that come cooler weather I'll be able to fit into my regular jeans again!

Lonni said...

Lonni- 141.5

I'm so excited to get this started!!! My goal is to get out of these maternity clothes! It has been 6 weeks and still nothing fits so I have to wear them until I get back down. I want to work out 5 times a week and eat more fruits and veggies. I'm looking forward to fitting into skinny jeans!

Ali said...

I am short like Carrie :) starting weight for me; 122.8
my skinny jeans have been waiting for me to wear them let's go!

Ali said...
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Becky said...

I'm Becky and ready to lose some weight! My weigh in today is 142. My goal weight is 130.

The Ballard Family said...

Weekly calendar, Miss Carrie? :) No pressure, but if you don't assign something, I'm going to make something up and give myself the five points!
Oh, and by the way, I am not messing around this time, Ali...all I have to say is...bring it. :)

Tiffany said...

Ok here it goes. I really don't like to share my weight but I'm hoping it will make me so ashamed that I will work hard so you will see it go way down.


My goals: eat more vegetables
drink 8 glasses of water
workout 5 days a week.


Kasey said...

Tiffany don't be ashamed! Sharing my weight is really what has helped me out for sure! You'll do great and get to where you want to be. We're all in this together!

Carrie said...

hey everyone! i have been so busy answering questions and signing up new people and enjoying all your "chatter." i LOVE it! um mandy, i am SO bummed because i totally was working on the calendar tues. like, the WHOLE calendar so that its all ready to go and i totally didn't finish in time!! i'll work on it some more tonight. its almost done. when it is i'll post a link on the blog. so...i would say today is a free day, but don't you think everyone ate really good today? so lets just say no daily calendar bonus points today. SORRY!!

Tammie said...

OKay, my scale is on the fritz so I'm not completely sure of my start weight but I beleive it is about 171. I'm making my husband get me a new one today so I can be sure.

1.Exercise everyday for at least 1/2 hour.
2. No sugar during the week, I get a treat on the weekend.
3. Eat more fruits and vegtables, make balanced meals.