TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, April 24, 2009

Season 3 - week 4

Team A, great job pointing-in on time! Very impressive. Here are your results...

Ack! A tie! I don't know what to do for a tie! I think I might just let the two of you duke it out, what do you think? Congratulations Ali and Mandy!

And Team B results...

Great job Gayla! Congrats.

You may have noticed I didn't post actual weights... Remember how I checked with each of you ahead of time to make sure you were ok with that? Well, apparently I missed a couple of people because I'm an airhead or something. So we're going to go ahead and discontinue that part of the post. But as a side note... if you pass a benchmark that you've been shooting for, make sure you let us know so we can celebrate with you!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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