TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily Calendar Challenges

Team A

Here are your daily calendar items for the rest of this week. If you do the item on the day listed, add 5 points in the "Daily Calendar" section of your point tracker:

Today, Friday April 3
FREE day! 1 free item from the bad-food list!
(If you don't see this post today, you can transfer this bonus to another day of your choice.)

Saturday, April 4
drink 60-64 oz of water (this is a 5 point bonus in addition to the 5 points you already get)

Sunday, April 5
get 7 hours of sleep (but not more than 9!)

Monday, April 6
spend 30 minutes together as a family with no electronic means of entertainment

Tuesday, April 7
don't eat any chocolate

Wednesday, April 8
do part of your exercising outside (before it gets too hot!)

And for next week...
Thursday, April 9
try a new healthy recipe - add 5 MORE points for posting it on the blog and reviewing it for us

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