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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily Calendar 4/23-4/30

For those of you who struggle to get your water has it been working out to have it as a bonus point? Do you actually meet the goal that day? Do you meet it only on that day? Just curious how that is working out for you...

I could also use some ideas for some specific "bad food" items that you would like you get bonus points for avoiding one day. For me its chocolate/candy and soda, but I know some of you have a weak point and I'd love to include it on here...leave a comment if you think of something.

Here are your daily calendar bonus points for the week...

Today, Thursday, April 23
add 5 bonus points if you work out

Friday April 24
do your visiting teaching (this one actually applies to the whole week/month but put your bonus points on this day)

Saturday, April 25
do part of your workout outdoors

Sunday, April 26
don't eat after 7pm (or 3-4 hours before bedtime)

Monday, April 27
make homemade bread

Tuesday, April 28
drink 60-64 oz of water (this is a 5 point bonus in addition to the 5 points you already get)

Wednesday, April 29
FREE day! 1 free item from the bad-food list!

And for next week...
Thursday, April 30
read a book to a child (yours or someone else's)

1 comment:

Evan and Lindy said...

Although drinking enough water is not something I struggle with now, I used to. Something that helped me is the Crystal Light packets. Just add one to a 16-20 oz water bottle and that's 2 servings of water! Target sells them under the Market Pantry brand - they're cheaper and have more flavors than Crystal Light. The Kool-Aid ones might taste better, but they won't count as a serving of water because of all the sugar :)

The things that I struggle with are the same as Carrie: chocolate and soda. Soda is acutally my addiction. But I also LOVE ice cream! I think that would be a good thing to have a bonus for avoiding it.

I think Saturday's bonus is perfect! The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, so I am acutally excited!