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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Calendar 4/9 - 4/16

Team A

How did the Daily Calendar work for everyone this week? I thought it was kind of fun, but I'm also the one who picked the items. I kind of forgot about it half way through the week though. I would appreciate any feedback you have. Also, as you're reading the ones I've picked, and you think "Wow, it would be really fun/cool/awesome if Carrie put bonus points for doing such-and-such" make sure you let me know! Otherwise, I'll just start cycling through the ideas we already have. (I hope you all have a recipe picked out for tomorrow and all the ingredients bought.) :)

Here are your daily calendar items for the coming week. If you do the item on the day listed, add 5 points in the "Daily Calendar" section of your point tracker:

Thursday, April 9
try a new healthy recipe - add 5 MORE points for posting it on the blog and reviewing it for us

Friday April 10
write a journal entry (or a journal-type blog post)

Saturday, April 11
FREE day! 1 free item from the bad-food list!

Sunday, April 12
drink 60-64 oz of water (this is a 5 point bonus in addition to the 5 points you already get)

Monday, April 13
do part of your workout with somebody

Tuesday, April 14
eat dinner together as a the table

Wednesday, April 15
don't drink any soda, diet or otherwise

And for next week...
Thursday, April 16
do service of some kind for someone...without being asked

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