TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Wow, what a long week, huh? It was for me. I just wanted to send out a quick reminder to everyone to please email or text me your weight and/or points for this week.

Team A: If you have any questions about Great in Eight, please post it on the blog and we can collaborate. I wish I had someone above me to ask some questions. :) Also, I'd like to do the daily calendar items this week, but I need some help thinking of some good things to do. If there is something extra you do, want to do, don't do, etc. that you wish you got extra points for, leave a comment and let me know and we can incorporate those in.

Hope to hear from you all in the next day or so!!



Carrie said...

I talked to Lindy about this and these were her ideas:

not having any caffeine, skipping all chocolate, reading a book to your kids, going on a walk as a family, spending time as a family with out video games or tv, maybe board games or other creative activities, doing your home or visiting teaching, waking up or going to bed early, doing service for another without being asked

the only things i could think of in addition were: get 8 hours of sleep, no soda, don't watch any tv...and then the free day that the rules mentioned (get one item off bad food list for free.)

kerry said...

8 hours of sleep!! I would love that! It will never happen, though! I love all the ideas. That makes it more fun.

Tiffany said...

after doing it for the week I would like to see getting more points for water say 5 points for every 8 oz or 5 points for every 16 oz or something, My water is a week area for me I don't know about everyone else. But when you start drinking all the water you have to go to the bathroom so much that 5 points isn't worth it to me. so far I have only drank my water once this whole week.Does anyone agree? I am loving the point thing though it is motivating me.

Gayla said...

I totaly agree with Tiffany about the whole water thing. It has definently been one of my challenges this week. I think it would be more motivating if water was worth more points.
I don't have any other ideas but I love the ones that have been mentioned. Bring it on, they seem very fun!

Carrie said...

Water isn't really a challenge for me. But that is because I'm anemic and I crave I always have a cup of ice water by me, all day. Unless I'm out and about, then I have to remember my water bottle and force the issue. Anyway, I will definitely consider changing the points on that for next round. But for now, I will make that one of the daily calendar items (to get extra points for meeting the water goal).Thank you so much for your input. And as things like that come up, please continue to post it.

And I really do need some more ideas. I'm going to go ahead and post daily calendar challenges right now for the remaining days of this week.

Jocey said...

Getting extra points for not eating after 7:00pm. I am always snacky at night and when I don't eat it feels great! So that could be an option for a bonus day. That is all I can think of for the moment!