TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I thought I'd join those of you who have been sick during the competition... It sure doesn't help does it?? I also wanted to celebrate my good days! I had 2 really good point days this week, one of them was 100! I was really excited. Then I had a couple really bad days (can anyone say "Weekend!"?) Then I got a cold. I feel like I still did pretty good for not feeling well those days, so overall, not too shabby! Anyway, I just wanted to share how I'm doing with everyone. As of right now, my goals are to get a week with 600 points and to lose 3 pounds and keep it off for more than 4 days. :) I'd love to hear how some of you are doing with your goals...

I'm liking the point system for the most part. I do much better when I've made some wheat bread and/or when I have a protein shake for breakfast. I put making bread as a bonus point this week so if anyone needs a recipe or help, create a post on the blog and we'll see what kind of ideas we have out there. Also, if you have some wheat you need to grind, I've got a wheat grinder and I know Jocey does too. :) As for the shake, my mom has been having a soy protein shake for breakfast for a couple of years now. She puts water, soy protein powder, a frozen banana and frozen strawberries in hers. Jocey does the same thing but with skim milk and whey protein powder. I have been playing around with different combinations of chocolate, vanilla, soy, and whey powders and haven't perfected it yet, but I use a whole banana and 3-4 strawberries so I get 2 fruit servings. My shake is worth 20 points when I use milk! Do any of you have a favorite meal or snack that is worth good points?


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kerry said...

I had a strawberry/banana smoothie this morning. Yummy, and counts as 2 fruits, and a milk serving. I love it. We should have everyone post their recipies. I am always looking for new ones. Now that it is getting hotter, I will be having smoothies a lot more.