TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Monday, March 23, 2009


We are in the middle of our week off, and I'm so grateful for it. But, we do need to get everything in order for next round. After talking to people and everyone's survey responses, we are going to have the following set up this round: Team A will be competing using the Great in Eight rules (thanks for the creative thinking, Mandy) and Team B will be competing using the Biggest Loser rules. You are most welcome to participate in both teams. The Great in Eight program is all about living, eating, and thinking right with no emphasis on weight loss (only a tiny bonus each week.) The Biggest Loser program is all about the pounds coming off. Don't worry about this being extra work for me. All I do is gather the numbers and post them all cute-like. I really appreciate you guys being supportive and willing to step up and help me out. There is a small chance that I will lose my mind doing this, not because of the two teams, but just in general. If I get close to that, I will contact those of you who offered and have you take over.

This is what I need from each of you by this THURSDAY, MARCH 26th...a comment or email stating the following:

-Are you participating this 8-week round? Which group do you want to join, A, B, or both? (If the THOUGHT of going and finding the link to the Great in Eight rules and reading them is enough to send you over the edge, you're probably more cut out for Team B at this point. Great in Eight is going to be a little more involved, but SO worth it.)
-Team B participants - please include your start weight or email it to me on Thursday.

-Are you going to be putting money in the reward pot? ($10 for the 8 weeks...if you do both teams, you can choose to put money in both, or one, or neither - just make sure you specify to me.)

-If you have not already done so, please Email me a picture of you.

-I highly recommend "subscribing" to the blog (if you have not already) using the little box on the sidebar. You'll want to know when there are new posts up.

-If you know someone who is interested, now is the time to get them my info or vica versa.

Ok, that should be it! Team A participants, you'll want to go to the "rules" link to get to the post of the Great in Eight rules, food list, and point trackers. If you would like an interactive Excel version of the point tracker, please let me know and I'll email it to you. Otherwise, you'll need to print one off for yourself each week.

Good luck everyone!

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Lonni said...

Hey! I am about 25 weeks preg so I think I'll do group A this time! I want to put into the pot and I will get your email from Joci so I can get you a picture. Thanks so much!