TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, December 26, 2008

Week 5

Congratulations Mike! Very impressive for the week of Christmas! And two bonus points for Mike AND Jessica seeing as how they're the ONLY two who lost weight this week! It looks like the rest of us better step it up. Three more weeks! If anyone is interested in your overall percent loss being posted let me know. That will be the number I go by for the overall final winner. Good luck this week everyone!


The Ballard Family said...

I vote for the overall percent loss being posted. I don't have the brain power to figure it out myself. :) Thanks for all your time on this, Carrie!
Here's to making the last few weeks count!
Bring it.

Amy and Mike said...

I also would like to see the overall percentage. Yesterday I worked out and it was tough after not working out regular for the last two weeks. I did work out videos. Prevention fitness systems express workout Belly Butt and Thighs (just the Belly one) and Drop it in 30. I like both of these. I would like some suggestions of videos that you all like if you have any. Congrats Mike and Jessica!

Carrie said...

K guys, humor me and weigh in today. Thanks! And I'll go ahead and add total percent loss to the stats.

Evan and Lindy said...

I was going to wait to post this once the result were in for this week, but I am too excited! Forgive me if someone else has already suggested this as a useful weight loss tool, but I wanted something to help track my exercise and calorie intake each day. Check out The Daily Plate at There are tons of foods already listed and daily activities that we all do, but don't necessarily know how many calories you burn doing it. I just starting with my breakfast for today and chores that I am doing, and I am so shocked to see the way things add up. Plus, it's totally FREE! It will take a while to get your meals loaded, but once you do that, it's pretty simple. Love it!

Amy and Mike said...

Lindy, I checked it out that is easier than looking it up in a book. I don't like counting cal. so this will be easier. Thanks