TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, December 5, 2008

Week 2

The results, in order of biggest percent lost:

Carrie -1.6lb -1.27%

Crystal -1.4lb -1.2%

Jessica -2.4lb -1.18%

Donna -1.5lb -1.03%

Somer -1.0lb -0.73%

Mike -1.8lb -0.53%
Lindsey -0.8lb -0.38%
Evan -0.8lb -0.35%

Lindy -0.6lb -0.29%

Kevin 0.0lb 0%

Natalie 0.0lb 0%

Mandy 0.4lb 0.19%
Amy 1.7lb 1.15%

Ok guys, I guess I won again! You better step it up or else this is going to start looking bad. But as my dad always says, "Its a poor scorekeeper that can't win." On the other hand, I know some of you DID step it up, and hopefully you'll see results for your efforts soon.

Make sure you read the new posts below that you haven't seen and also make sure you read all the comments! I added all your email addresses to receive emails when comments are posted from now on, but there are some good ones from the last few days.

Here's to a new week!

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