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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amy and Mike

We have had a busy week with company and although I have not been meeting my goals, I did exercise Wednesday night at 11:00 just because I wanted to get one workout in. That is my success for the week. My goal is to finish out strong and work out every day until Thursday. I will try to report.
Mike is not much into blogging as you can tell,but I do read him the posts. He has been doing great with his goals to exercise. He has joined a gym and has been going during his lunch break at work. He usually does the elliptical or the treadmill for 30 min. He also is on a bowling league which believe it or not is a work out and he plays basketball Tuesday nights. He doesn't like our Halloween picture that we have up so I will send another one. He won best costume at work for that cute Chicken costume and I told him I would rather have a purposely goofy looking picture than a goofy one not on purpose. Ha Ha.
I guess I am not feeling too connected with all-ya-all yet. I would like to suggest a get to know you post so I will start.
Mike and I will have been married ten years in May. We have five children ages 7, 5, 4, 2, and 7 months. We are from Utah and we moved to Arizona almost four years ago for Mike's job at the University of Phoenix. We know Carrie from Church and that is how we heard about this game. We have been doing a biggest loser game with Mike's family since August and no one is really taking it seriously except our sister-in-law and us (of course). I thought since we have already been working on losing, it would be great to have more motivation. Exercise is getting more difficult now that my 7 month old is crawling. I am a full time mom and Mike is a manager over enrollment at UOP. Three fun facts: Mike speaks Spanish, is self teaching himself on the guitar and he loves the show The Office. I love to bike ride (but I don't have one right now). I also love live theater and Scrabble. So that is a little about us. I would love to hear about you.
I wanted to recommend a book I read over a year ago called Losing it! 5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss That Work by Melanie Douglass, R.D.
In the book there is a aerobic calorie expenditure chart that tells how many calories burned per minute for many activities so here are a few: Bowling-4cal/min, Child care-5, Gardening-6, Golf-8, Playing piano-4, Running 5mph- 11, Walking 2mph-4. I thought it was a good book with simple information.

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The Ballard Family said...

It was fun to hear from you, Amy! I love your idea of doing get-to-know-you posts. I love live theater too! You sound like a super busy mom and I'm inspired that you are finding time to take care of yourself.
Can't wait to hear from everyone else!