TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay---doing this over the holiday's bites!!!! HA HA! But I'm going to be better! I want to stick to my goals better and welcome week 3. We had Thanksgiving and ton's of things to do!---NOT TO MENTION Stress! It seems like everyone I know is going through something STRESSFUL! So that doesn't help when it comes to eating!

So is there anything we can do "ALL TOGETHER" that will help everyone---maybe some way to report that we did "it". I was thinking---like some daily exercise that we all do, or we all abstain from some kind of food like bread or chocolate or something like that? Any ideas? Anyone want to do something like that? and we post a blog that we accomplished our goal for the day??? Maybe just a daily goal we set in the morning that we accomplished by the evening?

It seems to me that everyone wants to exercise some way or another during the week. Maybe we should report our exercise goals and if we accomplished them daily. I think sometimes just getting to report gives you a reason to do it!

What's a biggest loser group for if we don't help each other out? I know we have a very different group and no one knows everybody if hardly anybody! I think that's what makes it fun! We will have a chance to make one more friend!

Comments welcome and next week we can try something more to do on this Loosing Weight Contest!


The Ballard Family said...

I love your idea, Somer. Let's do it. Any kind of reporting back would be nice...I do like the idea of reporting whether or not we worked out, whatever our individual workouts may entail. I also thought, what if every week we chose something to abstain from...we can choose the things that are tempting for one or all of us so that we all have support in our efforts. We could also put a different spin on it and do something like committing to get all our servings of veggies or all of our water intake, etc. I know we all have different dietary goals but it would be fun to pull together on one or two things every week or so. Good thinking! Now I'm off to go sulk about how I worked my tail off this week (aside from a just-too-tempting piece of cranberry cheesecake) and actually gained weight. Figured I might as well confess now! Haha...

Carrie said...

i definitely like the idea of reporting whether we met our workout goal each day or not. because i was gung-ho the first week and have really slacked this week. so i need to make a new resolve for the coming week.

i like mandy's idea of picking something to abstain from for a week at a time...or a dietary goal for the week. i think it would work ok if, just like the workout goals, we each have separate goals but post how we did that day. i'm not sure about us all having the same one, but if everyone else thinks that's great, i'm game.

i can set up a poll on the sidebar for us to vote...not sure what the question would be. and does majority rule? hmmm. gotta think about this one.

The Ballard Family said...

I agree, Carrie, we should each have individual things we especially want to avoid and then just check in with each other, maybe another poll like you said on the side? (I love it!) We can have the workout one up there and then maybe one where we can note whether or not we avoided what we set our goal to avoid. Or, we could actually each post something every day, which would be a bit more interactive but maybe not as likely to happen since clicking "yes" or "no" takes less time! Hmm...just some thoughts...what does everyone think?

Carrie said...

i love the poll, but i want it to say WHO voted WHAT. or have a place to add a comment after you vote. i thought i voted on someone's blog before that was set up that way. i need to figure it out. it's probably a gadget...i've been looking but haven't found anything. we will probably just need to have a post that everyone comments on. i'm going to add everyone to get emails for comments today. so that will help.