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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Movin' and Groovin'

Well, I think Somer's on to something here...being held accountable is fantastic motivation for me, so I'm going to jump on board!
My goal this week is to get all three aspects of my workout in every day. I have found that getting some sort of strengthening workout using free weights, resistance bands or my own weight as resistance (lunges, pushups, stuff like that), a yoga session however short or long, and a cardio workout really boosts my energy and keeps me focused in.
I know it sounds like a lot but I just keep resistance bands handy in the playroom so I can do some stuff while I play with the kids or while they're watching Sesame Street (though my dishes do go unwashed if I opt for this!) I can get the strength workout in. They even like to try to mimic what I'm doing...James (my two year old) does a mean body plank, Bethany (three years old) likes to pretend she's doing bicep curls with me and Ben (fifteen months) just likes to climb on me any time I'm doing anything on the floor. (Note - - if you have little ones, it ups the intensity like crazy if you use them for extra weight!) His favorite is laying underneath me while I do pushups or being held out in front of me while I do squats.
Then, I've noticed that yoga is a fantastic opportunity to re-center in the middle of the day. I usually can guarrantee at least ten minutes of quiet time after lunch when everyone "goes down for naps" (haha...never lasts long...) That is enough time for me to get in at least a series of poses and feel rejuvenated. I think, for me, yoga is more mental but I know the stretching really helps and I know, in the long run, it can do a lot of toning. Sometimes, I luck out and they all fall asleep and I can get in a more lengthy session. Granted, my house is a little messier these days but I told myself this was going to be my focus for a while so I could feel and be healthier for myself and my family. So, we deal with a little more clutter these days but I know, in the long run, that's okay.
After the kids go to bed, JC is available to answer to them if they need anything and I disappear out into the workout room we made in the garage for my only (almost)guarranteed uninterrupted workout of the day. That's why I chose this time for my cardio. It's better, I think, to be able to keep my heart rate up and not have it see-saw in between tending to the kids and my workout. So, depending on what I think the best plan for that night is, I do anywhere from twenty to (rarely) sixty minutes of cardio. And that's only when I need to burn off some steam from the day (today). I like to end that with a couple yoga poses too to ground me for the evening.
Then I go hang out with my hubby. :) Um...after I shower.
Also, if you notice, my opportunities to work out are very sporatic and not too predictable as to when I'll get them in...just at some point during the day. So, do I wear real clothes? Hardly ever! Haha...I got so tired of changing into workout clothes and rinsing off in the shower after every little spurt of activity, I finally decided that this is just going to be a time when I am that "lazy" mom who wears sweats (albeit cute sweats) and t-shirts (yes, cute t-shirts) every day. I may be a failure in Stacy and Clinton's eyes but I get my workouts in, I'm comfortable and you know what? My husband thinks I'm hot in sweats and a t-shirt so that's all that matters! (I do put on makeup and sometimes even well-coordinating jewelry before he gets home from work, thank you very much. Well...most of the time)
So, that's my general routine and I am working at making it all habit. I feel like, at this point, this is a very primary focus for me so that I can get to a point of being able to raise my kids knowing that physical activity and taking care of our bodies is very important. I feel we've come a long way in our diet these last few months so I'm kind of letting that be and this is where I'm putting my main effort. I'm hoping that 2009 is the year I get my groove back...after that, I can ease up on that a bit and mostly just work out for maintenance and fun.
...And maybe 2010 can be the year of housekeeping! Maybe I need to find a group with which to blog about that...
Um...I think this is way longer than I, or Somer, intended! Haha...well, I think what I'm trying to say goal is to bring my workouts full circle every day, even if I am only able to put minimal effort in to any one given area. (Come on now, three kids, three and under? There's no way any commitment at this point is cut and dry!)
As a side note - - JC and I made a deal...'tis the season for baked goodies, yes? Well, I have neighbors bringing them to me all day, he has patients bringing them to him all day, and we decided to just abstain (aka freeze them for future endulgence). The first of us to cave and have sweets (including soda) loses and the winner gets to choose the next three movies we go see. (We are the typical he-loves-action-movies-I-hate-action-I-mean-violence-movies couple) The difference between us? I have a cheering section by way of this lovely little blog! So, I'll probably report on that too, just to have a place to do so that's not him ("Mandy, I promise if you take a bite of that cookie, I'll take a bite at the same time and we'll both lose...")
Anyway, after a long, uninteresting post, I will end this. And I will try to check in every day! Good luck to all! Have a great week!

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Carrie said...

Mandy, that is so funny that you mentioned a housecleaning blog. My sister in law and I were just talking about that a couple days ago and pretend-brainstorming about how it would look. Then she had an idea to put webcams up so we could catch each other on the computer and say "What are you doing on here? You're supposed to be sweeping!" etc... So I got a good laugh out of you saying that.

You know, I'm starting to count house cleaning as one of my workouts. (Have you ever "mopped" your floor on your hands and knees with a rag??) The first week, I walked everyday and cleaned all day every day...and that was my best week. I want to do that this week, but now I'm down to the wire for getting Christmas presents MADE! So we'll see. I gotta go post my goals now.

Oh, and I'm also brainstorming about a blog to maintain weight. So as different people get to their goal weight, they can switch over to the maintenance blog. My other sister in law tried to use biggest loser for that purpose and it didn't really work out. But that's just for future reference...