TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I accomplished my goal 12/11!!! YAHOO

Okay here's where everyone leaves a comment at the end of today! And I will post another one tomorrow with tomorrows date! LET'S HEAR YOUR AWESOME GOALS and SUCCESSES!


The Ballard Family said...

I DID meet my goal for today! Woohoo! My goal was to write the longest post possible about what my goal is! Oh well...I've long since given up being embarrassed about how much I talk...
But, anyway, I did all pieces of my workouts today. Pilates for lower body with some yoga incorporated this afternoon and (are you ready for it?) Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance this evening. All sixty minutes of it! Only because I...uh...was very...cranky. I needed the release. So, everyone make fun of me for doing that workout. And then, everyone go do it and see if you can feel your limbs afterward.

Carrie said...

Wait, Somer, am I only allowed to comment on this post if i DID meet my goal yesterday? Because I most definitely didn't. But that's partly because I didn't make the goals until today. Wait, I didn't drink any soda!! Haha! 1/4 accomplished.