TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, December 12, 2008

12/16 Did you meet your goals today?


Carrie said...

What a horrible week for me! And I only mean in terms of this contest! Sorry Somer, I totally planned on commenting everyday. I can see that Mandy started off good at commenting. Well here's my synopsis: I didn't eat ANY oreos all week!! Yay me! I did have one soda...and Dave finished it...and it was at a Christmas party which falls under my "special occasion" category, ok, enough excuses on that one. I DIDN'T clean my house good, and I DIDN'T exercise! What more motivation do I need for this coming week, because apparently nothings working right now.

Ok everyone, I know this comment is getting emailed to you, so don't forget weigh-ins tomorrow. And if you could let me know in your email if you like Somer's idea of "reporting" your goal status each day, that would be great. (Or if you can think of any way we could improve that idea.) Also, Amy left a great get-to-know-you post about her and her husband Mike, I think Mandy and maybe Lindsey posted some earlier. So if anyone else wants to tell us a little about yourselves that would be fun. I'll add a label for those types of posts so you can read about people with one click. Good luck tomorrow!

The Ballard Family said...

Gotta say that I was in a funk this week too. After the weekend was over, I met my goal of working out every day but that's about as far as it went.
Is the weekend the hardest for anyone else? It's like, during the week, JC's gone and I'm all wrapped up in keeping the kids taken care of and happy, etc. I almost don't even have time to eat badly and I definitely need the time out to work out by the end of the day so that's not a big challenge either. But, once the weekend rolls around, JC's home and I have my head on a little straighter, I'm a little saner which apparently gives me a little more energy to crave junk and since he's helping all day, my stress level is, working out isn't as much of a necessity. I don't know...just curious if anyone else gets in a weekend funk...

Evan and Lindy said...

OK, so I know Evan and I have not posted anything to the blog. Sorry. I went back to work 3 weeks ago, but I'm finally done working - FOREVER! (well, that's the plan anyway) so I hope to be more active on the blog. I still have yet to do anything to my own blog, but what can I say? I'm a new mom, with a (almost) 3-month old, who's never blogged before. I keep putting off how to learn to blog, and even though I'm not working this week, I have a lot of Holiday preparations to catch up on. So someday soon, Carrie and Somer, I will call on you to teach me your blogging ways! :)
So to introduce the rest of you to Evan and I, we have been married 7+ years. We recently had our first baby after a LONG wait. We feel very blessed to have Braeden (yep, another Braeden) in our lives. I think one of the reasons I have steadily lost weight is that I am breastfeeding. This not only eats up a lot of my calories, but I feel I have to eat healthier because I want those nutrients passed on to Braeden. Because I eat healthier, so does Evan. I don't leave him much choice! My exercise has dwindled the past 3 weeks due to work, but now that I am done, I plan to get back to my walks 3-5 days a week and start doing my workout videos more. Carrie, you are more than welcome to come on over and join me. I know you have your kids at home, but bring them, too, if you want! We'll figure something out!
I haven't set any specific goals for myself every week, other than to keep losing weight, no matter how much. I am, however, going to try to incorporate a meal plan into my routine. This way I know which fruits and/or veggies I will be eating w/ each meal or snack and I can plan my grocery shopping a little better. I am all about organization and lists. If I didn't have a list telling me what I needed to get done that day or week, I don't think I would get to anything. I figure this will help me with my eating as well.