TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, November 28, 2008

Week 1

The results are in! In order of percent loss:

Carrie -3.0lb -2.3%
Mike -5.7lb -1.7%
Crystal -2.0lb -1.7%

Lindy -1.8lb -0.9%
Amy -1.2lb -0.8%
Lindsey -1.4lb -0.7%

Donna -1.0lb -0.7%
Somer -1.0lb -0.7%
Kevin -1.0lb -0.6%
Natalie -1.0lb -0.5%
Evan -1.0lb -0.4%
Mandy -0.8lb -0.4%
Jessica 0.0lb 0.0%

I am so proud of everyone.. no one gained any weight! I know some of you didn't do as well as you would have liked, but thats what's cool about this. Today starts a new week. So you can keep the momentum going that you've started, or tweak what you're doing to do better. Good job everyone! Keep up the good work.

I looks like I won. My husband Dave thinks that somehow that must be cheating. But I promise I won't win every week. :)

(Oh, and for those who are wondering, the percent is calculated by dividing the change in pounds by the starting weight. So if a 200lb person loses 2 pounds, that's the same as a 100lb person losing 1 pound.)


Amy said...

Great job everyone!

Kevin and Crystal Whitlock said...

Congrats Carrie! And I have to say Great Job Mike 5 lbs in a week!! Keep up the hard work Everyone

Martin Ricks Family said...

That's awesome Mike!!!! Dang! That is so cool Carrie! Totally awesome!

Lindsey said...

Good Job Carrie! Well done group. Week 1 down. Keep it up.

Mom said...

Yahooo! I haven't lost that much yet but I put on a "skinnier" pair of jeans this morning... not my SKINNY ones... but these didn't fit a couple of weeks ago!