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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey Everyone

.....So I'm the 'Handicapped' one of the group, the one who isn't in the competition yet. (YET being the key word). I wanted to give you a little background and explain why I'm a part of the group and participating on the board, but not in the challenge.

I had to have a partial hysterectomy (my uterus out) and appendectomy back in June of this year, due to Endometriosis. I went to physical therapy for pelvic floor tension myalgia, because my muscles were hurting all of the time from being tight all of the time from trying to defend from the pain that the endo was causing. Well then in that surgery my Dr noticed that I had varicose veins around my ovaries, also, since then, my PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome started acting up again, and I kept getting several painful cysts. I had run out of options so I had my ovaries and veins, as well as some more endo that had grown back, taken out on Nov 3rd. There were some complications that led up to me having internal bleeding and I was rushed back into the OR and had to get 4 blood transfusions. There have been several more complications since then that have left me basically on, well not quite bed rest, but I have to take things really easy.

Anyway, I was one of the founders of this blog and I am really motivated to start working out again, especially when I see pictures of myself! But I have to take it easy for now, until I get my Dr's ok. So hopefully I will be able to join in on the next round. But I am here rooting you all on!

The things I am trying to do to help myself, at least stay even, are
1) eat healthier - not so much candy, and sweets and - eat more fruits and veggies

2) try to get up and walk around a little more each day.

I know it isn't much but it's all I can do for now.

By the way - a little tip I read is that if you want to work on your belly fat, then walk at a ten percent incline, either on a treadmill, or mountain trail. Apparently by doing sit-ups or crunches, first off works only one of your ab muscle groups, (you have to do different kinds to work the different muscles), but second off, you will never get rid of that belly fat by only doing crunches.

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