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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crystal's Goals and Encouragment

I think we are doing GREAT!!

I didn't post my goals the first week because I wanted to make sure I set realistic goals... So here they are

They are very simple

1: Do my mile jog/walk Once a week.
2: Do 30 mins of my exercise videos twice a week
3: Eat breakfast everyday (I never eat breakfast, so this is new)
4: Eat smaller portions at meal time and have small healthy snacks in between
5: Lastly make healthy choices when it comes to eating

So now I'm here to give some encouragement and Tips!

Ok I have noticed that if I work out early in the day. I eat healthier the rest of the day. I don't want all my hard work to go to waste. I definitely recommend this! Plus you feel great all day too.

Next I HIGHLY recommend working out to your favorite tunes! Music motivates like you wouldn't believe. When I have my ipod on my walks I notice I run alot more. Plus I get a little dance in my step which helps work the bumm, hips and abs. So Pump up the Jam!

Snack time is the best part of the day!!!
Make the smart choice. I get the munchies all day long. I used to reach for the cookies, chips or some form of chocolate. Well now I go for fruit instead. I get my sugar fix without the guilt.

Keep up the great work guys. Remember its a healthy body we are trying to achieve! Pounds are great to loose but getting in shape is what really matters. PS: muscle weighs more then fat!! And muscles burn fat too!!!

AND Lastly seriously consider running like Phoebe!!! SO FUN!!! If you don't know what I mean check it out!

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Martin Ricks Family said...

Good goals and tips! I think I'm going to go get on the treadmill right now (AM).