TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weigh-in Week 6

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday. Don't forget to weigh-in and leave us your weight and/or points!



Kasey said...


So, we're heading to Cali for a few days. My goal is to not over induldge. There is a gym where we're staying, so my plan is to WO atleast 2 of the days we're there. Wish me luck!

kerry said...


Yay for me! I finally broke out of the 160's. Hopefully there is no going back! Although on the menu for tonight it's pizza. I'm going to not over eat, and I really need to work out more. I've been pretty lazy these past few weeks. So working out at least 3 days this next week is my goal.

Carrie said...

points: 300

I'm so embarrassed to report my points! Its no so much that I was really bad as much as I wasn't good. I should just say I forgot to keep track like Tammie did last week and then I wouldn't have to report such a low number.

My goal is to start working out again after a whole week of not. Also, to quit drinking my Dr. Pepper that has snuck its way back into my lunch this week. And in that case, I should probably find a way to get my stuff done so I don't have to stay up until past midnight every night.

Lonni said...

lonni- 137.5
pts- 780
I think I'm just going to have to be happy with a little weight loss. If I workout to much or watch my calories my baby starves. I guess I will have to push it hard when I'm done nursing. My goal is not to gain! Eat healthy and exercise 30 mins a day.

Martin Ricks Family said...


Donna said...

I'm WELL! Duh....

Ali said...

Points- 825
Weight- 122.3
I must be gaining muscle...right???
Or, I ate too much this past week (one or the other)
I agree with Lonni, when I am done nursing I will be SO ready for the biggest loser! :)

Tammie said...

Weight 167.6- I guess I should just be happy I didn't gain anything right?

points- I'm with carrie, I really have been doing a bad job keeping track- 655

Liesl said...

159.........again! My scale only weighs by the pound, not by fractions so maybe I've lost a few ounces and it just isn't registering!!! ;) I will say that my pants are getting baggier but my weight isn't budging. Anyway, my goal this week is to workout 6 days and to have only one treat/non-nutritional item a day. Somehow, with all of my baking for my son I've started eating too many things that I don't need.

Jocey said...


Lunt Family said...

This week I did awesome on not drinking soda but not so good on other things. I am hoping to finish strong by working out 4 days next week and not eating so much chocolate.

The Ballard Family said...

JC -
266.8 lbs

Mandy -
191.4 lbs
500 points

Good week loss-wise for me, but bad week point-wise. Both because I decided to go ahead and do a detox I've been waiting to do until after the competition. But I have been feeling so sluggish and hit such a plateau weight-wise, motivation-wise, etc., I decided this was exactly what I needed.
So, in doing so, my standing in points may be lost, but it is worth it! I am feeling awesome.
We are headed to California too this next week! So, my goal is to still get my workouts in (mostly means not taking our walks along the beach at "romantic" pace but instead "cardio" pace...) :)
AND, don't over-indulge while I'm there.
Find a fantastic seafood place and take advantage of it, yes. Find a fantastic ice cream place and take advantage of it, no.
Have a great week, everyone!

Tiffany said...


WHITE said...