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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Goals

For the past few weeks I have been bad and haven't worked out (one of the weeks was a legit reason, the other times though were just excuses). But I did stick to eating right for the most part, though I did allow myself a little more sweets then I should have, and I also had soda to calm my nauseated tummy a few times.
But since I saw the scale go up again, at first I was depressed and frustrated, but now I am newly motivated. So I started my work outs again. YAY!! And I even recruited a couple neighbors/new friends to go on my long walks with me. So now that they are expecting me to go, it makes it harder to let myself be lazy and let myself out of it. And the good thing about them being neighbors is that I don't have to get in my car to go meet them, I just walk out front. So any little thing makes it easier. Also like I said, they are new friends so I have the social aspect and getting to know them which makes my workouts fun (well a lot more enjoyable). Then I also found out that one of them used to be a personal trainer, so WOOHOO!!! She is more then happy to give me tips and help me out. (She can't do much to actually push me and work out HARD with me because she is pregnant right now).

OK so my goals for the week are:
(My "week" is Thursday to Wednesday)

Walk at least 2.5 miles at least 5 times (2 down, 3 to go)
Eat NO fast food
Drink NO soda
Do 2 strength training workout video workouts before Thursday
Do stretching/yoga 3 times before Thursday
Only eat a LITTLE chocolate each day
Cook dinner every night
Do all dishes before I go to bed each night

What are your goals?


Jen said...

Good goals!! I like the dishes one! Good luck!

Carrie said...

wow cathy! great goals! you ARE motivated! i'm pretty sure you could accomplish all of those and i hope you do. you're totally going to motivate me. heck, if you can do all those things, i can surely work out a couple times, right? workout goal is to workout twice before thursday. and then i'll keep all my other goals from before. hmm...i wonder what they were. :)

Brayden's Mommy said...

Oh yeah I forgot one of my most important goals!

Actually take the cookies over to my new neighbors (that I made for them to welcome them to the neighborhood) so that we will stop eating them! (Yeah I'm terrible!!!)