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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Somer, Jamie, Tiffany!!!

OK I'm calling you out by name because you are the only ones who haven't gotten your pictures to Carrie yet!!!
We want to know what you look like!!
Somer, I'm going to especially say to you - SHAME ON YOU!!! (only cause you are my SIL and I love you so much! :) )

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Carrie said...

i have to back up somer a little bit here...i totally thought she wasn't going to do the second round with us, so i took her picture off and took her off as an author. turns out, she didn't even know we were starting again, and she DID want to do it. but now her picture is gone and i don't know if she even has it on her computer in utah! i could go steal one off her blog though... hmmm...