TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A big thanks...

I just wanted to let Carrie know how much I have appreciated her willingness to keep up the stats. I was doing the stats w/ the last group I was in, and it is hard to fit it into your schedule. So thanks Carrie!!
And good luck to those of you in the running for 1st place! Hopefully next round I will be able to kick my butt in gear and you will see me at the top of the list!!


Amy and Mike said...

Yes, thank you Carrie. I appreciate you keeping up with the numbers. I haven't been very proactive this go around, but in the back of my mind I know I have to report to you every week and so I keep it under controll.

Carrie said...

Aww, thanks guys. You're nice. As I was telling some of the girls, I have way too much fun with it. You may not like me so much after my next couple of posts, though...the survey is coming!!