TOTAL POUNDS LOST (Season 5): 34.9

Friday, March 13, 2009

Survey/Quiz time

Ok, this is the deal. After our first round, one of the contestants, Jessica, emailed me this program that her friend was doing. I really really like the idea...I said I like the IDEA of it. I think we could do it! At the same time, I know there are some of you out there who like the ease of just emailing in a weight. So here's your quiz. Go to the previous post I made and click on the links to look at the Rules (and the Food List and Tally chart if you want) of "Fit in Six". And then answer the following questions:

1. Do you like the IDEA of this point system?

2. Which contest would you rather do, the new Fit in Six or Biggest Loser as before?

3. a) What do you think of splitting into 2 groups for the 2 separate contests?
b) Are you ok with smaller groups resulting in smaller prizes?

4. Do you know someone who would be interested in Fit in Six who is not in a position to lose weight right now, but wants to be healthy?

And just to clarify, for Fit in Six we would collect money from those who want money back for winning... Then the person with the most points each week would be the weekly winner, just as before. I guess we would also have an overall winner? I just realized that it is called "Fit in Six" because the people I stole the idea from did it for six weeks. So technically we should call it Fit in Eight? That doesn't sound as good! Oh well!!

As you are reading over the rules and other documents, let me know if anything is confusing, needs clarification, or any typos. I had to edit the original documents I received a little bit. For instance, my name is Carrie, not Melissa, etc.

Oh, and you can leave your answers as a comment so everyone else knows where you stand, or you can email me, either way.

Thanks everyone!!


Carrie said...

I'm going to take my own quiz.

1. I like the idea of it, but it seems like a bit of work to keep track of my points each day. But I kind of think that's what I need right now to lose a couple more pounds and just maintain from there on out.

2. I would rather do the Fit in Six because I don't have very much weight to lose so Biggest Loser isn't really for me anymore.

3. a. I think splitting in 2 groups would help please everyone.
b. I'm ok with a smaller prize value.

4. I do know people who might be interested in this...including a pregnant person and maybe my husband. I'm going to give them the blog address so they can go check it out! :)

Tiffany said...

1. Yes I think that it could help me stay on track to lose the weight I need to (even know you said it's not a weight loss competition)I have a hard time with diets and if I blow it in the morning then why bother exercising and why bother eating good the rest of the day(i always say I will start again tomorrow).

2. I would like to do both. I see the point system to be the answer to help keep me on track. Also I am very competitive so I can see myself trying to get more points and everyday trying to out beat myself, which would help me with my weak points like eating my veggies (yuck), drinking my water (rather have a diet drpepper) exercise. I am one that does still have alot of weight to lose so I still need to do the Biggest Losers.

3 a)I think 2 groups are great. I would like the option to do both. I would put money into both. I see the benefits of both groups.

b) yes


Donna said...

1- I still need to lose weight and that's all... so I don't need the point thing yet
2 - I am fine with 2 groups... but will that make YOU crazy with all the record keeping??
3 - Yep , fine with smaller prize
4- Would you really want me to recruit people? I have lots of OLD friends like me and I could send the invite out to our ward yahoo group... you might get more takers than you want to deal with... let me know.

Liesl said...

I think this sounds like a great program! I'm in. I won't be contributing money but will participate anyway. Great idea!!!

The Ballard Family said...

1. I love the idea of this point system. I love that it takes all aspects of our life into consideration because our behavior and habits in all areas really do affect our health and wellness.

2. I am pretty excited about the Fit in Six (Feeling Great in Eight?) but I still have a substantial amount of weight to I could see doing Biggest Loser for a couple more rounds. I do think I would lose just as much weight on the other program though. So...I am of no help since I'm on the fence. I'd say I sort of lean toward the point system though. The amount of points the semi-nasty salad I'm eating for lunch right now would get me would probably out-weigh the actual pounds it will make me lose! My success might be better measured through effort!

3. a. Sure. I might do both. Though, again, I lean toward the point system.
b. Yes, smaller prizes are okay.

4. Maybe...I can think of a couple people who might so I would get back to you on that.

You are doing a great job, Carrie! Our fearless leader...

Jen said...

1. on the fence w/ the point system. I can see how it might help motivate me because I am generally competitive. but on the other hand it seems like a lot of work.

2I like Tiffany's idea of maybe being able to participate in both

3. Splitting makes sense if people go for the point system. It would be too hard to do 2 different things w/in one group
b. smaller prizes are fine

4not sure if I know anybody right now.

It does sound like a lot of work for you to do 2 groups. if you find it to be too much I would be happy to help w/ 1.

kerry said...

1. I like the idea of the point system. I think it would keep me more focused on healthy living.
2. either or both systems is fine with me. If I had to choose, I guess I would choose the point system, because it is new, I'd like to give it a try.
3. a) 2 groups is fine, if there is enough people. It's not fun trying to beat 1 or 2 other people. b) I'm not really concerned with the money, I want to be more healthy.
4. Not sure off the top of my head if I know people who would want to do it, but I could send out an invite and see if there are any interested. Some family members come to mind.

Evan and Lindy said...

1. I'd give the point system a try, though I'm not sure how long I'd be able to stay with it. Some weeks I have enough trouble remembering to weigh-in, but you know that :)
2. At the same time, maybe the point system would help me see better results, and that would motivate me to keep going. So let's give the Feeling Great in 8 (I like your idea, Mandy) a try!
3. a) If you have enough people wanting to do both, and it's not too confusing for everyone (especially you, Carrie) then do both.
b) The money has never motivated me, so I may not even put any money in this time around.
4. I know people who don't like the way they look/feel, so I can see if they would be interested in doing this with us.

Jocey said...

I think I might be due for a change. The fit in Eight will definately take more time and effort, but I think we will all see good results, just by the fact that we will have to be very aware of what we are putting into our bodies. We could maybe keep them both together. It sounds like most people don't care about the money, so maybe we still reward the biggest loser each week, and just add on our points each week for bonus compitition. I am fine with whatever, I just hope this helps motivate everyone. I have loved being a part of this group, I need that weekly weigh in to help me stay on track. Thanks everyone for a great round!

Amy and Mike said...

I like the idea of fit in Six although I think Mike and I are not going to go on for another round. It's been fun. Good luck everyone in the future with your goals. Thanks Carrie for the invitation and all of your time.